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Job Title: Sous chef (Managerial chef)

  • Higher level position

Job Brief:

  • The job of an sous chef for a pre-opening central kitchen is a critical and multifaceted role that involves overseeing the entire setup and culinary operation of a central kitchen facility before it officially opens for business.
  • Ensuring that the kitchen operates efficiently, produces high-quality food, and meets the needs of the organisation and its customers.

Job Type:

  • Full time
  • Contract based

Type of Company: Hospitality Industry

  • Central Kitchen (Pure Vegetarian, Jain, Vegan)

Type of Cuisine:

  • Indian cuisine
  • Healthy Salads
  • Fresh juice, mock-tails, shakes, frappe, etc.
  • Fresh in-house production of paneer, cheese, butter, Sauce, etc.

Work mode:

  • On site


  • We do not have complete work from home option.
  • Hybrid mode of work can be changed to full time work from office as per the work requirement.

Work Location:

  • Vashi, Navi Mumbai
  • Field work – On site – as per new outlet locations


  • Candidate applying for the above post should be from nearby location (From Navi Mumbai, Mumbai)
  • Candidate applying for the above post should be willing to travel anywhere in India or abroad for site visits, training and development, etc.

Interview Location : Vikhroli, Mumbai

Shift Timings:

  • 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM
  • 10.00 PM to 10.00 AM


  • 5 days working
  • 2 days Holiday
  • Rotating shifts


  • Minimum – Minimum experience of 1 years as sous chef in kitchen & production department can apply.
  • Maximum – Experience up to 3 year as CDP in kitchen & production department can apply.


  • Candidate having relevant experience in kitchen & production department would be considered as experienced or will be considered as fresher.

Salary slab:

  • Minimum – Rs.15,000/- Per month (Fixed + Variables)
  • Maximum – Rs.25,000/- Per month (Fixed + Variables)


  • Candidates applying for the above post should be willing to relocate at the required destination.
  • Candidates can be relocated to other cities, states, countries, etc.
  • Food and accommodation will be provided (as per requirement).
  • Candidates applying for the above post should have their own laptop, good internet connection.

Education qualification:

  • Degree or diploma in Culinary science, Culinary arts or related certificate
  • BHM – Bachelor of Hotel Management

Job Description:

If you are passionate about the restaurant industry and have previous kitchen experience, then we want to hear from you. we are coming up with a central kitchen and is in need of a hard-working, self-motivated sous chef to join our team.

A Sous Chef is a senior culinary professional who assists the executive chef in overseeing the day-to-day kitchen operations. They are responsible for managing kitchen staff, ensuring food quality and safety, and contributing to menu development.

A Sous Chef plays a pivotal role in maintaining the kitchen efficiency, food quality, and adherence to safety standards. They are instrumental in assisting the Head chef in managing the kitchen staff and ensuring that the kitchen operates smoothly to meet production demands.

We are looking for an experienced and qualified sous chef to organise the central kitchen and its activities.

Duties & Responsibilities

Kitchen Management: Assist the Head Chef in managing all aspects of the central kitchen, including food preparation, cooking, and plating.

Menu Planning: Collaborate with the Head Chef in developing and updating menu items, considering factors like seasonality, cost, and customer preferences.

Staff Supervision: Oversee and coordinate the work of kitchen staff, including line cooks, prep cooks, and specialised chefs like pantry chefs or sauciers. Delegate tasks and ensure efficient workflow.

Training and Development: Provide guidance and mentorship to kitchen staff, ensuring they are properly trained and capable of maintaining high culinary standards.

Quality Control: Maintain a high standard of food quality by conducting regular taste tests and inspections. Address any issues with food quality promptly.

Inventory Management: Monitor inventory levels of ingredients, including ordering, receiving, and storage. Minimise food waste through careful inventory control.

Kitchen Hygiene and Safety: Enforce strict adherence to food safety and sanitation standards, including HACCP guidelines. Ensure that kitchen equipment and utensils are clean and well-maintained.

Recipe Adherence: Ensure that all dishes are prepared according to established recipes and presentation guidelines. Train staff on recipe execution.

Food Cost Control: Assist in controlling food costs by monitoring portion sizes, minimising waste, and optimising ingredient usage.

Scheduling: Help create kitchen staff schedules, taking into account labor costs and the kitchen’s operational needs.

Problem Solving: Address and resolve any kitchen-related issues that may arise during service promptly and professionally.

Collaboration: Collaborate closely with the Head Chef, Sous Chefs, and other kitchen staff to ensure smooth kitchen operations and timely service.

Equipment Maintenance and Upkeep: The sous chef oversees the maintenance and cleanliness of all kitchen equipment, ensuring that it operates efficiently and safely.

Innovation and Creativity: To keep the central kitchen’s menu fresh and appealing, the sous chef may continuously innovate, introduce seasonal items, and explore new culinary trends.

Requirements & Qualifications

Key Skills:

  • Proven experience as a Sous Chef or Senior Chef in a central kitchen or high-volume food production environment.
  • Strong culinary skills and knowledge of various cooking techniques.
  • Leadership and management abilities.
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills.
  • Knowledge of food safety and sanitation standards.
  • Creativity in developing and improving recipes.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work well with a team.

IT Skills:

The IT skills of an sous chef in a central kitchen are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age. Here are some key IT skills that can be beneficial for an executive chef in a central kitchen:

Knowledge of kitchen management software: Many central kitchens use software to manage orders, inventory, and staff schedules. An sous chef should be familiar with these tools and be able to use them effectively.

Proficiency in Excel: Excel is a valuable tool for budgeting, cost control, and data analysis. An sous chef should be able to use Excel to create and manage spreadsheets.

Familiarity with social media: Social media is an important marketing tool for many food and beverage businesses. An sous chef should be able to create engaging content for social media platforms and manage social media accounts.

Understanding of data analytics: Data analytics can provide insights into customer preferences, purchasing behaviour, and sales trends. An sous chef should be able to use data analytics tools to make data-driven decisions and improve business operations.

Knowledge of online ordering platforms: Many central kitchens now offer online ordering options for customers. An sous chef should be familiar with these platforms and be able to manage orders and payments through them.

Overall, while culinary skills remain the most important aspect of an sous chef’s job, IT skills are becoming increasingly important in managing a central kitchen efficiently and effectively.

Educational Requirements:

  • Degree in Culinary science, Culinary arts or related certificate
  • ServSafe certification.
  • Credentials in health and safety training
  • American Culinary Federation certification preferred.(would be added benefits.)
  • Diploma, computers, word processing and spreadsheet certification (would be added benefits).
  • Diploma, Post graduate, Bachelor (BHM) in Hotel Management (would be added benefits.