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What is Bar management, what all services include in it ?

Complete management of bar

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Do you provide quarterly / half yearly services ?


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Why do you take advance payments, other agencies/companies give 15/30/45 days credit, we don’t pay advance payments, agencies/companies maybe fraud ?

  • Our team works hard to Scan, Screen, Interview and shortlist the perfect candidates for you, and this process takes some time.
  • Sometimes company ask for the candidates and in couple of days they say the position is fulfilled/kept on hold/not required/etc.
  • Sometimes company ask for lot of candidates and in actual their requirements are few.
  • So our team works hard for you and they deserve the rewards for the same, and so we charge you advance payment.
  • We can start working for a single opening and you can check our after sales service, once you build trust on us you can offer the openings as per that.