We offer world-class management services for your hotel, restaurant or bar

The past decade has seen a surge in lifestyle of Indians, eating out in restaurants. The past decade has also seen, particularly in urban cities, increased footfalls in Restaurants with bar facilities. Today, many Bars and restaurants are run professionally and many of them have a ROI of 20-30%. These factors have made investing in Restaurants, Bars an attractive option for elite investors. That’s the reason, many Celebrities have invested in Restaurant business.

MadCherry Hospitality Private Ltd. is poised to be one of the best Hospitality Company in Mumbai. BoozeAdda, Our Upcoming Project, will focus on a State-of the Art Bartending Academy, & supplying the best of the Bartenders to Hoteliers, Clubs, Event Management Companies. We are also venturing into Events with Our various Events targeting individual’s small house party to the Elite Parties & Events.

We are looking for Angel investors, professional investors who can provide us with their professional expertise and/or investment into this exciting, rewarding niche, rewarding hospitality industry