We offer world-class staff management service for your hotel, motel, resort, cafe, club, pub, etc.

  • We will charge 30% (Thirty percent) on the monthly offered salary to selected candidates as a HR Management fee.
  • HR Consulting charges of INR Rs.15000/- per month will be charged for a 3 months pilot batch.
  • Client needs to pay 3 months of estimated bill amount as security deposit amount.
  • Security deposit amount is a refundable amount to the client after the end of agreement.
  • Before getting into the annual contract we will get into a 3 months pilot batch.
  • Pilot batch may exceed for more than 3 months if required, as per working conditions.
  • We will manage and maintain – recruitment, the on-boarding process, shifts & leaves, performance check, termination & replacement, salary calculation & payouts, etc.
  • We also manage a few other services as and when required on a chargeable basis, such as: background check, training & development, food & accommodation, travelling arrangements, complete staff payroll, etc.
  • We screen, shortlist and select the candidates as per the job description provided by the client.
  • We will take a minimum of 10 working days to start recruiting candidates, and a maximum of 90 working days to get the selected candidates on board. (from the day the client informs) for replacement of candidates.
  • Client has to appoint us exclusively for the purpose of staff management services for specific / all departments for a period of 1 Year / 12 Months from the effective date.
  • Client has to serve 3 months notice period before termination of contract.
  • Provided staff will be on the client’s payroll.
  • Complete staff management of a single outlet.
  • The contract will be renewed annually.