Bar Management

We offer world-class bar management services for your hotel, motel, resort, cafe, club, pub, etc.

No matter how experienced you are, managing a bar can be challenging. You’ve got employees to manage, inventory to control, and customers to keep happy. You’ll also need to focus on profits and productivity.

MADCHERRY can drive up your sales, boost your productivity, and help you to manage your bar more effectively.

₹ 1,80,000 x 4 INSTALMENTS₹ 7,20,000ANNUAL CONTRACT
₹ 3,30,000 x 2 INSTALMENTS₹ 6,60,000ANNUAL CONTRACT
₹ 6,00,000 x 1 INSTALMENT₹ 6,00,000ANNUAL CONTRACT


  1. Commission is exclusive of tax amount.
  2. Advance payment
  3. Provided staff will be on clients / Madcherry’s payroll (as per requirement).
  4. The above fee is our commission, Salary of hired candidate will be as per position required.
  5. Madcherry Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. will manage and maintain staffing, background check, training and development, performance check, termination and replacement, daily attendance, leaves, shifts, salary, food, stay, travelling, etc. All required fees, rents, salaries and benefits will be paid by the client as per bill generated by Madcherry Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
  6. Pilot batch of 3 months or 6 months (as per outlet requirement).
  7. After successful completion of the pilot batch we will get into an annual contract.
  8. The contract will be renewed annually.
  9. Complete bar management of a single outlet.
  10. The amount once paid is non refundable.
  11. Madcherry Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. will manage and maintain business aspects such as:
      • Liquor licenses new / renewal, legal documentation, etc.
      • Menu designing and regular updates
      • Promoting the business.
      • Launch new offers, schemes for business growth
      • Hiring right employees and training them
      • Employee Management
      • Attendance, payroll, targets, and performance check
      • Creating work schedules.
      • Ensure customers receive excellent drinks
      • Dealing with customer complaints.
      • Managing inventory and costs.
      • Managing cash flow and budgets.
      • Make sure the day-to-day operations run smoothly.
      • Hold frequent training’s.
      • Create the staff schedule in a timely manner.
      • Know your regulars.
      • Take regular bar inventory.
      • Listen to staff members’ opinions.
      • Routinely change your offerings.