Staff Management

We offer world-class staff management service for your hotel and resort, cafe, restaurant, bar, coworking spaces, etc.

We are hospitality staffing agency, handle sourcing, screening, short listing, background verification, training and development, of candidates as per the requirements.

We focus on filling temporary or permanentĀ  openings, so that you can maintain a pool of candidates to meet your Staffing needs.


Background check

We will do the background check before hiring the resources.


performance check

We will do the performance check of hired resources.


Staff Attendance

Daily attendance, shift management, leaves, etc. we be maintained.


training & development

We will provide training and development to hired resources.


termination & REPLACEMENT

We will manage termination and replacement of hired resources.


salary calculation

We will manage salary calculation of hired resources.

Annual package for an outlet, which offers end-to-end staff management service for one year.